M.S. and G.S. v. Railroad Services Company

M.S. was working in a rail yard in Nebraska when a railroad rail was dropped on him.  M.S. suffered several severe injuries including an "open book" pelvic fracture.  This case settled for $2,650,000.00.

The Estate of Maxine K. Andersen v. Western Chemical Specialties, Inc.

Maxine Andersen was driving to a high school reunion in Wyoming when she was struck in a head-on collision.  Both drivers perished in the accident.  The driver of other vehicle was a co-owner of the company and driving a company vehicle.  The driver was operating the vehicle alleged to be under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident.  This case settled for $2,935,854.95.

Douglas v. Edwards Transportation Company
A flatbed truck driver pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide by vehicle. The driver and trucking company structured a $1 million settlement before the suit was filed.

Armstrong v. Bisbee, AZ,  and Phelps Dodge Corp.
Amy Armstrong, a young mother of four children was volunteering in the “Queen Mine Halloween Tour,” a fundraiser event staged by the city of Bisbee, Arizona. When a rotted support bean gave way, she became wedged between the train and the wall of the mine. She suffered from “positional asphyxia” and died.

We filed suit alleging that the mine was not properly lit and that there was no proper contingency plan to deal with emergencies that might arise. This case settled for $2.5 million.

     Bisbee Observer: Queen Mine Lawsuit Trial Date Set.

Hannahs v. Goodyear et al.
Tire and rim failure caused pickup truck to go off road.  Wife and mother paralyzed.  Case filed, settlement with major manufacturers.

Wilkins v. Montgomery Elevator Company
Elevator malfunctioned.  Wife and mother killed while trying to get out as elevator started and crushed her between floors. Case filed, settled.

Kinsley v. Federal Pacific Electric
Workman severely burned over large parts of body when huge circuit breaker failed and caught fire.  Case featured in Readers' Digest.  Case filed and settled.

Bates v. Ridge Tool Company
Paralyzed man as result of manufacturing defect in tool.  Case filed and settled.

English v. Honda Motor Company
Seat belt failed and caused man to hit windshield and suffer traumatic brain injury.  Filed and settled.

Hays v. Lewis Brothers Buses
Bus crosses center line and kills grandparents, injures grandchildren.  Filed and settled.

Kuck v. University of Utah
Malintubation by flight nurse causes death. Partly tried and partly settled.

Needles v. B.N. Railroad
Tire on railroad truck failed and caused crash and devastating fire. Wrongful death settlement.