Questions You Should Ask Any Lawyer You Are Considering Hiring for a Case with Substantial Injury or Death.

There are many important questions you should ask when searching for a lawyer to handle your case.

At the very least, you should ask the following:
    1. Have you ever gone to trial in a case like mine? How many times?

    This is important because when insurance companies evaluate a case, they find out if your lawyer is really a trial lawyer. They rate lawyers on whether they have trial experience, what their trial win/loss record is, and if he or she is the kind of lawyer who will actually “take a case to verdict,” meaning, “Will he or she go to trial if we don’t settle?”

    2. Have you ever had a million dollar verdict? How many?

    A verdict does not mean settlement. Ask the lawyer about verdicts because if the defendant decides to take your case to trial, you want to know if your lawyer has tried such a case and the outcome.

    3. Do you have the financial resources to start and finish my lawsuit?

    This is important if your lawyer is paying the costs of your case up front. Lawsuits cost a lot of money to bring. Your lawyer can either spare no cost to ensure that your case is fully prepared or he can be frugal and not spend money on areas that would help your case. The Fitzgerald Law Firm has never put a budget on a case. We spend the amount of money necessary to prepare the case to the fullest.

    4. Has your work ever been published?

    Jim and Sharon Fitzgerald have numerous published works.

    5. Have you ever been invited to speak at a professional meeting?

    Jim Fitzgerald has given hundreds of presentations.

    6. What is your Martindale-Hubble rating?

    Martindale-Hubble is a legal directory. Lawyers, and more importantly Judges, rate lawyers’ legal ability and ethical standards.

    7. Doesn’t every lawyer have the resources to take big cases?

    People sometimes say something like, “Well, so and so is a lawyer. He must have the money to do my case.”

    Not always true. It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to do a case against a major manufacturer, hospital, trucking company, group of doctors or the like. That’s because your lawyer must hire specialists in the field in question. That could include engineers, medical experts, economists, life care planners, physical medicine doctors and others. They all charge by the hour. So do your doctors when we interview them or call them as witnesses. It takes money to travel to the location of witnesses to take their depositions or to company headquarters or branches to take testimony.

    The defendant is going hire the best witnesses it can find to fight your case. You need a lawyer who can do the same. Not all lawyers can. It is easy to think that if a lawyer has a license to practice and is in law practice he must have the resources. Frankly many lawyers lack those resources.