prescription pills
Our philosophy is simple – when consumers purchase a product, they have the basic right to trust that the product is reasonably safe. When a defective product causes injury, whether the defect is in product design, manufacturing, packaging, or lack of instructions and warnings, we dedicate our time and resources to hold the manufacturer and seller accountable.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm is committed to compel manufacturers to produce safe products – not only for the safety of our clients but also to mitigate risk to other consumers.

In 2001, Jim Fitzgerald co-tried and won the largest wrongful death judgment ever affirmed in the State of Wyoming against global pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline for its drug, Paxil. The jury awarded the relatives of a Wyoming man $8 million for lack of warning labels on the drug’s packaging.

We often try cases arising from oil and natural gas fields and mines. Those cases frequently involve defective products and reckless conduct, resulting in death, brain damage, severe burns and similar injuries.

We represent families and babies damaged in utero by GloxoSmithKline's drug Paxil. Studies have linked Paxil use in expectant mothers to physical damage in babies, including heart malformations. We currently have baby cases on file that are working their way through court.

We no longer are taking Paxil suicide cases. The industry and the FDA now include better warnings on their anti-depressant products, which was a goal of and result of the Tobin case. This is a gratifying result.

Our attorneys have a long history of representing the best interests of victims and our results are a testament that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to fight major pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers.