Basic Cross Examination
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
June 2009 Laramie, Wyoming

Using Timeless Principles of Advocacy to Engage Today’s Jurors
Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association
July 2007 La Jolla, California

Cowboy Ethics and the Rules of Professional Conduct
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
2007 Jackson, Wyoming

Kansas Association for Justice Foundation’s Gifts to a Young Lawyer: What Persuaded Juries, What Still Does and Why.
Kansas Association for Justice Foundation
2007 Crown Center Seminar

Mining for Justice
Inner Circle Convention
2007 Boston

Engaging Ourselves and Engaging the Jury in Closing Argument
American Trial Lawyers Association Convention
2006 Seattle

Challenges for Cause
Inner Circle Convention
August 2006 Seattle

The Lawyer as Leader-Language and Jury Motivation
Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association Winter Conference
2006 Aspen, Colorado

Who Will Lead the Jury to Victory?  A Study of Language, Motivation and Persuasion
Law Education Institute
January 2006 Vail, Colorado

So You Have a PET Scan- Now What Are You Going to Do With It?
Brain Injury Association of Utah and Utah Trial Lawyers Association
2005 Salt Lake City, Utah

Dealing with Difficult Counsel – How Can We Live With Them?
Law Education Institute
January 2005 Vail, Colorado

Emerging Trends In Voir Dire
Law Education Institute
January 2004 Vail, Colorado

Telling the Story of Your Case
Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association
March 2003 Aspen, Colorado
Kansas Trial Lawyers Association
June 15, 2001 Whitefish, Montana

Tactics and Strategy in a Civil Trial Practice
Law Education Institute
January 2002 Vail, Colorado

Trial Advocacy in the New Millennium
Law Education Institute
January 2001 Vail, Colorado

Tips To Improve Your Opening
Law Education Institute
January 2000 Vail, Colorado

Psychodramatic Tools You Can Use to Tell the Story of Your Case
Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
November 20, 1999 Trumbull, Connecticut

Once Upon a Time…. 7 Tools You Can Use to Tell the Story of Your Case
Idaho Trial Lawyers Association
June 1999 Sun Valley, Idaho
Wyoming Attorney General CORE Training Program
September 24, 1998

The Lawyer as Storyteller
South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association
April 13, 1999 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

It’s About Time!  The Clock and the Trial Lawyer – Strategies for Using Time Effectively from Opening to Closing
Virginia Trial Lawyers Association
March 1999
Law Education Institute
January 1999 Vail, Colorado
Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association
December 1998 New Orleans, LA
Montana Trial Lawyers Association
July 1998 Polson, Montana

Direct Examination
Texas Trial Lawyers Association Seminar
December 3-4, 1998 Houston, Texas

Trial Advocacy Track: Winning the Case-Trial Panel:  Dealing With Difficult Judges: “May It Please the Court”
American Trial Lawyers Association Winter Convention
February 24, 1998 Maui, Hawaii

Uncovering Juror Belief Systems During Expedited Voir Dire
American Trial Lawyers Association Preconvention Seminar
February 19, 1998 Maui Hawaii

Making a Record.  How to Corral the Opposing Witness
American Trial Lawyers Association Annual Convention
July 1998

Special Damages Issues Regarding Children – Burns, Scars, Amputation and Gunshot Wounds
The Faces of the Future Seminar
May 1998 Atlanta, Georgia

Crafting Juror Attitudes Into Your Opening and Closing Arguments
American Trial Lawyers Association
November 1, 1997

Developing and Communicating the Theme of the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Case From Initial Client Interview Through Trial
September 26, 1997 Denver, Colorado

Catastrophic Burn Case Considerations
Law Education Institute
January 1997 Vail Colorado

Closing Argument – Rebuttal
Law Education Institute
January, 1997 Vail, Colorado

Opening Statement – Setting the Stage
National College of Advocacy
October 18 – 24, 1996 University of California, Berkeley, California

Win Your Case By Understanding the Psychology of Trial
North Dakota Trial Lawyers Association
May 3, 1996

Public Speaking For Lawyers In Trial: Preparation and Presentation
Law Education Institute
January 1996 Vail, Colorado

Understanding the Psychology of Your Case
New Mexico Trial Lawyers Foundation
November 17, 1995

Learn Lessons From Your Trials. Conduct a Post Mortem
Law Education Institute
January 1995 Vail, Colorado

Insurance Bad Faith
National Business Institute
1994, 1995

The Law of Opening Statement
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
National Trial Advocacy College
August 1991
San Francisco, California

Legal Perspectives: Panel Discussion-When Does Brain Death Occur
Critical Care Seminar
September 21-23, 1994 Casper, Wyoming

Getting the Jury’s Attention – and Keeping It
Law Education Institute
January 1994 Vail, Colorado

“The Heart of Lawyering: Multi-Media Presentation on the Many Varied Communication Techniques””
National College of Advocacy
February17-19, 1994 Tucson, Arizona

A Legal Perspective: Understanding Brain Injury
Rocky Mountain Regional Traumatic Brain Injury Conference
September 30, 1993 Casper, Wyoming

Why Do Some Arguments Work?  Principles of Trial Advocacy
Ultimate Trial Notebook II Program
October 20, 1993

Timeless Principles of Advocacy: Orators, Counselors and Patriots
New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association
June 12, 1993 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Elements of Persuasion: How To Make What You Say Persuasive
by the Way You Say It.
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
June 1993 Cody, Wyoming

Principles of Advocacy
Law Education Institute
1993 Vail, Colorado

Discovery Techniques: A Plaintiff’s Perspective
National Business Institute

Informal Discovery and Investigation
National Business Institute

Essentials of Civil Litigation
Effective Direct and Cross Examination
National College of Advocacy
October 10-15, 1992 Reno, Nevada

Principles of Advocacy
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association

How To Win Your Case By Understanding The Psychology of Trials
Utah Trial Lawyers Association

Psychology and Trial – Application to Opening Statement & Cross Examination
Law Education Institute, The Bureau of National Affairs, National Litigation Conference
March 1992, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Law Education Institute
January 1992 Vail, Colorado

Preparation for Trial-The Last 50 Days

Annen v. DuKane Corporation:  A Study in Preparation and Trial of a Products Liability Action - Defective Hospital Equipment
American Trial Lawyers Association
July 24, 1990 San Diego, California

Personal Injury Practice in Wyoming
National Business Institute
April 27, 1990 Cheyenne, Wyoming

Direct Examination
Montana Trial Lawyers Association
December 1, 1989

Establishing Rapport With Jurors
Association of Trial Lawyers of America
September 27, 1989 Chicago, Illinois

Damages – Special Damage Problems In Catastrophic Injury Cases
Plaintiff’s Perspective
National Business Institute

The Psychology of Trial
National Litigation Conference
March 30 – April 2, 1989 Scottsdale, Arizona
Kansas Trial Lawyers Association
June 24, 1986 Jackson, Wyoming

Opening Statement
Comparative Courtroom Techniques Seminar
August 18-19, 1988 Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Oil Field Liability
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
June 16, 1988 Cheyenne, Wyoming

Preparation and Trial of the Products Liability Case - The Perspective
of Plaintiff’s Counsel
Wyoming State Bar
April 29 – 30, 1988

Additional Presentations for the National College of Advocacy/Association of Trial Lawyers of America/Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association

Pre-Trial Evidentiary Considerations

Deposing Experts

Informal Discovery and Investigation

Pretrial Motions and Protecting the Record at Trial

Proving Damages in Direct Examination

The Psychology of Persuasion

Sources of Information and Pre-Complaint Strategies in the Product Liability Case

Tips for Effective Summation

Additional Presentations at the Invitation of the University of Wyoming School of Law

Starting and Building a Law Practice

In addition, Jim has served as a faculty member of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy